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Transport infraestructure

Excellent transport infraestructure (Airports, motorways and railways) that provides quick access to other areas of Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.

Three important ports

Three important ports, Algeciras, Cadiz and Tarifa. Algeciras port is an international leader in the traffic of goods and passengers.

Very favourable tax regime

Very favourable tax regime for the manufacture, import, export and trade in the Free Trade Zone of the province of Cadiz.

Strategic geographical location

It has a strategic geographical location in southern Spain, between Europe and Africa.

Industrial sites

More than 117 industrial sites throughout the region create an ideal environment for innovation, research and development.

Leader in tourism

The province of Cadiz is a world leader in tourism due to the quality of its beaches, natural resources, cultural heritage and services.

Skilled Human Capital

Highly skilled Human Capital, with high productivity and low turnover that offers very competitive services. The University of Cadiz is remarkable for its specialization in Naval Engineering, Aeronautics Engineering, Marine Sciences and Nautical Sciences disciplines.

Business network

The Province of Cadiz ranks 3rd by its contribution to the GPD and has a highly competitive business network in strategic sectors.

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