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The province of Cadiz has a diversified economy with consolidated industrial sectors. Cadiz focuses on attracting investments for strategic sectors in which the province may offer significant advantages and development opportunities to companies with potential investment projects in the region.

Large driving-force company as Airbus

Aerospace industry

The Andalusian Aerospace Pole is comparable to other European poles with a large driving-force company, Airbus and an auxiliary industry that offer an integrated supply chain with the capacity to take on complete packages.

The production of civil aviation parts and components is concentrated in the province of Cadiz which participates in major international aeronautical programmes such as A320, A330 and A350 XWB, among others.

A particularly important sector in Cadiz

Naval industry

Shipbuilding is a particularly important sector for the province of Cadiz. The construction of specialised vessels with a high technological level has made Cadiz a reference in the shipbuilding industry both on the national and international levels.

In Cadiz, the presence of a large driving company such as Navantia has generated a significant ancillary industry around it, with more than 150 companies, which contribute to the building of vessels with high added value.

The ship building sector is, without a doubt, one of the province’s driving economic forces.

The second most important industrial sector

Petrochemical industry

The Andalusian chemical sector is the second most important in Spanish industry and in which the province of Cadiz stands out as a place of reference. The sector has a large-scale impact on both the economy and society, as it is the primary investor in R&D.

A major feature is the presence of organisations such as the “Asociación de Grandes Industrias del Campo de Gibraltar” (AGICG) (Campo de Gibraltar Association of Large Industries), made up of 13 companies from the sector whose turnover in 2016 amounted to 6,358 million Euro, with a distillation capacity of 440,000 barrels/day.

One of the most important sectors on the national level


The metallurgical industry is one of the most important activity sectors at both national and regional level.

The weight of the Andalusian sector on the national level reached 9.4% in 2017, with a Gross Value Added (GVA) of 1.605 billion euros. The province of Cadiz is home to 8.2% of the metallurgical companies in Andalusia and they have a weight of 15% of the Andalusian sector.

Competitive advantages

Port and ship services industry

The port industry and services for ships sector is one of the major sectors in the province of Cadiz. The province of Cadiz has three important ports: Algeciras, Cadiz and Tarifa; Algeciras being an international reference in freight and passenger traffic, and remaining at the forefront of the Spanish and Mediterranean port system.

The Port of Algeciras closed 2018 with a total freight traffic that reached 106.8 million tonnes.

Based on two elements


The logistics sector in the province of Cadiz is based on two elements: port logistics centres and inland logistics areas which form a fully interconnected logistics network with both land and overseas shipping connections (Andalusia, Spain, Europe and the rest of the world) that guarantee an enormous growth potential for logistics activities.

A particularly important sector

Renewable energies

The energy sector and, specifically renewable energy, are especially relevant in the province of Cadiz.

Thanks to average wind speeds of over 7.5 m/s, Tarifa has 32 windfarms.
The province also benefits from a high level of solar radiation and more than 3,000 hours of sun per year and low cloud cover, which benefits the production of photovoltaic energy.

Traditional sector

Aquaculture and agro-industry

The agri-food sector is one of the most traditional and highly developed activity sector in the Andalusian economy, particularly in the region of Cadiz.

In addition to the renowned wine from the “wine triangle” (Jerez de la Frontera/Puerto de Santa Maria/Sanlucar de Barrameda), Cadiz stands out in aquaculture and the production of fish and seafood in estuary, combining tradition and innovation with pioneering technological initiatives in Spain.

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